Your future is NEAR

Our Mission

The mission of the Foundation is to foster the conditions by which an ecosystem can flourish, assisting and aiding others to reimagine business, creativity, and community in their own ways. The Foundation exists to help inspire and empower people to join the ecosystem, by acting as a trusted party and gateway into this new world. It is one part of a larger puzzle.

Our Values

NEAR Foundation values openness, pragmatics, simplicity and growth. NEAR Foundation strives to make the complex feel simply so the technology, platform and ecosystem are accessible to all. The Foundation operates transparently and consistently shares knowledge to build open communities.

Allocation of financial resources

Ensure financial resources are properly allocated and distributed throughout the ecosystem.

Support ecosystem functions

Ensure that ecosystem-level functions which might not yet have an ecosystem steward are appropriately supported (for example ecosystem-wide communication and coordination amongst ecosystem participants, development of governance infrastructure, and broadly scoped education efforts).

Champion decentralisation

Support the continuing development of and (where relevant) devolution of functions and operations to the ecosystem.

Chief of Staff

Remote; UK; EU
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HR & Talent Admin

Remote Europe
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Junior Paralegal (UK & Europe)

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Partner Engineer

Remote Europe
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Technical Product Lead

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